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 At university and college level of education essay writing is an essential skill to have and try improving as apart of your learning. You’ll find that many lecturers like to set an essay as apart of your coursework or assignments to see your understanding of a topic. This is because an essay requires you to apply your knowledge and research to present findings to structure an informative essay answering the question at hand. However, many people struggle to write endless pages of research and findings and this no longer needs to be the case.

Essay Writing Service

Whether you are a serial procrastinator, have trouble expressing your thoughts into an essay form or you lack the knowledge around a specific subject an all-inclusive essay writing service is now available for all students who need that extra push and support.

Essay Writing Service

Our Essay Writing Service Entails: 

Focused Essay Writing – An expert essay writing service will help all students at all levels of education create an essay tailored for you, fulfilling each objective presented and answer the question or hypothesis at hand.  A professional essay writing service will know the ins and outs of producing a structured and detailed essay for you to achieve the perfect grade that you have been looking for.

Evidence and Findings – To make a point or argument impactful the writing must excite, well-structured and informative. A brilliant essay flows from one point to the next while reinforcing your findings with relevant and insightful evidence. An expert essay writing service will draft flawless arguments for essay, searching for trusted sources to create impactful arguments.

References and Bibliography – An essay writing service will make sure the correct use of citation formats is adhered to and understand the guidelines required for the referencing and bibliography sections of the essay. As an essay writing service, they should have a clear understanding of APA, MLA, Oxford and Harvard referencing formats so that your essay is of the very highest quality.

Proofreading and Editing – Before an essay writing service send you back your completed work before your deadline day experts will allow time to proofread and edit the entirety of the paper to ensure any grammatical errors and spelling mistakes are no longer present and your essay is flawless.

Online Courses

Taking online courses is a great way to further your education without giving up your daily commitments such as your current job. By studying online you can gain recognised qualifications, which allow you to develop or change career, all from the comfort of your own home.

It is easy to begin your online courses. Simply choose a course and college you would like to study at and enrol. After this, you can access your course materials and begin to complete assignments and lessons online. After completing the necessary learning with the guidance from your online tutor or support team you will complete exams if required and receive your qualifications.

online courses

Benefits of Online Courses

There are many benefits of taking online courses, one being its flexibility. With an online course, you can study in any place at any time meaning you can fit your studying around your current set up. By being able to study at a time that suits you, you can ensure to develop your education without making changes to your family or work life.

The second benefit of home learning is their entry requirements. Due to the nature of the courses, there are no entry requirements needed when joining. This means any individuals ready and willing to learn can take a course without any previous qualifications.

The third benefit of online courses are the subjects available. Colleges have a wide range of online courses for you to choose from, meaning you can choose a course which best fits your future career.

Finally, online courses are available to join all year round as well as the course materials being available 24/7. This allows you to pick at course up at any time of year and day and therefore starting learning when you’re completely ready.


What is an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is an option open to you after the age of 16. This is a way of learning the skills necessary for various careers while earning at the same time. An apprenticeship will often suit young people who do not want to go into full time further or higher education but still want to gain extra qualifications that are work related. Every child within the Birmingham area has the option whether they will stay on at a college or start an apprenticeship. However, whatever you choose you will end up with the same qualifications.

As an apprentice you’ll:

  • Work alongside experienced staff
  • Gain job-specific skills
  • Earn a wage ( usually apprenticeship wage) and get holiday pay
  • Get time for study related to your role. This is usually one day a week

Who can apply for an apprenticeship?

You can apply for an apprenticeship whilst you are still in school however to start one you need to be 16 or older, living in England and not in full time education.

How to apply for an apprenticeship

When looking and applying for an apprenticeship, there are different ways to go about it. Firstly, if you know where you want to do an apprenticeship you can apply directly on that company’s website or if you are not sure where you would like to go, you can sign up for a variety of job alerts through companies offering job advertisements. However there is also another way to go about this, if you have already started college, your college may be able to support you whilst finding a placement.

Once you have been offered an interview and the interview has taken place, you will be told whether you were successful or unsuccessful. If you were successful the company will get back to you with a starting date and any other vital information you may need. On the other hand, if you are unsuccessful, you can ask for feedback to analyse where you may have gone wrong and re-apply for some other apprenticeships.


What are the different types of apprenticeship?

When looking for an apprenticeship, there are four basic levels. These include:

  • Intermediate: Like studying for up to 5 GCSESs
  • Advanced: Like studying for 2 A levels
  • Higher: Like taking a level 4 NVQ, Higher National Diploma or Foundation Degree
  • Degree: Like taking a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree

How much will I earn as an apprentice?

Employers must pay apprentices at least £3.70 per hour. This rate applies if you’re under 19 or if you’re over 19 and in your first year of the programme. If you’re an apprentice aged 19 or over, and you’ve completed your first year, then you’ll be paid at least the minimum wage rate for your age which will be £5.90.

What is an apprenticeship like?

As an apprentice you’ll do most of your learning on the job at work. You’ll usually work around 30 hours a week and do around one day of training per week, often at college. Most of your assessment is done in the workplace but you may have to take some external exams too.

Look for the Best Schools for Teaching Jobs in Staffordshire

teachersWest Midlands has a huge demand for experienced and qualified teachers in different types of schools. In fact, from small private schools to corporate training centres to public schools, teaching jobs have become very profitable and lucrative. Since many students look for study opportunities via different subjects, it is important for them to improve their competencies in various courses.

There are ample of opportunities for people who are qualified, skilled and experienced. Jobs in schools Staffordshire can provide you with a fruitful career. However, you need to look for the best schools to get a stable job.

There are plenty of schools in West Midlands to choose from. However, if you want to ensure success in your career and learning goals, it is important to choose only best and reputed school to look for a job. There are plenty of things that you must keep in mind when selecting a school to work. Two key factors have been discussed below.

Experienced Faculty and Good Salary

Professors and other faculty members must be an important consideration when looking for jobs in schools Staffordshire. Most private schools and institutes hire experienced faculty to provide students with the best teaching experience. Such schools offer stable jobs, and a lucrative career.

You can visit the official website of the schools you’re considering and seek information on faculty members assigned to teach various courses. When the teachers are experienced, you’ll also have a good rapport with your colleagues.

While looking for jobs in schools Staffordshire, you need to consider the compensation package. After all, you get a job to earn money. It’s important to find a school that provides you with a good salary. In addition to this, it should also offer other benefits, such as sick leaves, casual leaves, medical benefits and more. Looking for a good school ensures a sound career.